German language skills promotion in Ireland

projet irish le bonGerman – A Language of Opportunities. An Irish Perspective

Why, actually, should Irish people learn German when English is the “lingua franca”? The answer is simple: Germany is one of Ireland’s leading trading partners and Irish companies need professionals with a good knowledge of German. This is strongly supported by various recently published Irish and European reports, such as the ‘Expert Group on Future Skills Needs’ (EGFSN) – Key Skills for Enterprise to Trade Internationally,9402,en.php and the ‘Languages for Jobs’ The findings portray German as one of the most useful foreign languages for organisations in Ireland.

These collections of quotations (the quotations are extracts from interviews which were conducted and filmed in October 2012) include contributions from a wide range of Irish companies in Ireland and Germany, from third level education, secondary level education (including both parents and pupils), as well as prominent figures in Ireland together with voices from the Irish community in Germany who support the case for learning German. The key message is that people who learn German will improve their career opportunities, because the German economy is among the strongest in the world, and many Irish companies are looking for staff able to communicate in German.

These brochures and the DVD are ideal for open days and all occasions promoting career opportunities. They can be ordered by the Goethe-Institut Irland:


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