FU E-Learning Preis 2010: and the winner is…. Succedo

2 years after its implementation, the project Succedo (Z.E Sprachenzentrum) has been awarded by the prestigious FU E-Learning Preis, in the category “Good practice-Beispiele für E-Learning-/ Blended -Learning Szenarien in der Lehre”. During the ceremony, 2 more projects from Veterinärmedizin and Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften  have also been awarded.

The event took place on June 30th 2011, during the  GML² 2011 conference and was hosted by Peter Lange, Chancellor of the Freie Universität Berlin and Prof. Dr. Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Head of CeDIS.  Since 2003, the FU E-Learning Preis  supports university initiatives which  promote modernization of teaching through e-learning. The award is endowed with 3000 euros.

This award gives me the opportunity to express all my deepest gratitude to Anne Debeuckelaere, without whom this project just wouldn’t have seen the light; to Dr. Giovanna Tassinari, Head of the Independent Language Learning Centre (FUB), whose advice in the field of learner autonomy was just essential; to Karoline von Köckritz (CeDIS) whose Beratung was more than helpful all along the implementation. Last but not least…to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Director of the Language Centre (FUB),  for his tremendous support.

Thanks to the FU E-Learning Preis, Succedo is now ready to start a new phase of development . The next months will give me the opportunity to design new directions for this project.


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